Benefits of the course

Art is easier and more rewarding once you put theory to practical use. You will understand colour relationships and the many techniques of applying colour to elevate your work. Create a colour palette unique to you so your art will standout.

The handout PDF is a free preview of the course.

This course is condensed and fast paced. It is always best to create your own version of these colour wheels and charts. However, much can be also be accomplished by watching them be created and seeing the theory put into practical action. Each painting covers many techniques. Colour terminology is both illustrated as well as explained.

Kim Fjordbotten is an artist, instructor, art festival producer and business owner. She is passionate about helping artists make the most of their materials and tools. As owner of The Paint Spot, an art materials store in Canada, Kim has accessed the industry’s best colourmen, working artists and instructors for nearly 30 years. She loves to share her knowledge and experience so you can find success and feel accomplished in your art practice. 

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